Assembly See how to assemble your star

In your box you will find 8 triangular and 17 square points, one cap with the electrical assembly and three sets of 24 pins. Please stash away all spare pins for later replacements if necessary.

Always hold the two parts to be assembled firmly in one hand, while Pushing a pin through the flanges of both parts at once. If a pin breaks, just replace with a new one. we provide plenty of spare pins and you can always get more for free, if needed.

While the below instructions show pictures that apply to the Patriot Starâ„¢ specifically, you will assemble any other star with a different color scheme in the very same way.

First, assemble the star's top section starting with the cap and its electric assembly. Make sure the four flanges of the cap sit on top of the flanges of the four square points as shown in the first and third picture.

Important: Secure each of the four square points attached to the cap with an additional pin that you insert into the holes of the cap's pins sideways, as shown in the picture on the right.

Important: Insert a light bulb now (not shown in the pictures). Use a 13 Watts CFL. Please do not use incandescent bulbs!

Finish the top section by attaching four triangular points.

Make sure that all triangular points and the cap sit on top of the square points, i.e. they are on the "outside" of the star.

Next, assemble the star's middle section by mounting eight square points on the top section, as shown in the pictures to the left and below.

Make sure that every other square point sits on top of the adjacent points, demonstrated by the red square points in the picture. Even if you have a star with just one color, this would be the same.

Finally, assemble the third, i.e. the bottom section of the star.

Add the square points first. Their flanges need to be mounted under the flanges of the red points.

Then mount the triangular points on top of the square points.

Finally, attach the last remaining square point. For support, grab the adjacent white square point when pushing in the corresponding pin.

Congratulations, you are done!

The star and its electrical assembly are designed to withstand any weather. But, presumably, you will want to hang your star in a protected area, like under a porch.

Hang your star by the power cord. You may use a cable binder to create a loop that you would use to hang the star.

If you need to exchange the light bulb, pull out the bottom square point and a few adjacent points, so that you can access the bulb. Then put the points back on after you switched the bulb. The bulb to be used is a 13 Watts CFL bulb (which is equivalent to a 60 watts incandescent bulb). However, never use an incandescent bulb please!

Your star comes with a three year warranty. But, you will be able to get spare parts any time for a life time. (SOON TO COME: To get spare parts, go to our website,

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